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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sembelit dan Shaklee

Happy sangat dpt feedback best dari customer yg amik Herblax + Alfalfa, dia ada masalah sembelit yg agak teruk. Ni feedback yg dia share:

"Thx, both product works perfectly fine for me! They are awesome! The add points are:
♡no diarrhea effect as other laxative product might have
♡Easy to consume
My problem did get better, now i am just taking the alfalfa."
.......Miss Cheryl from Penang.

So yg mana ada sembelit yang teruk, boleh cuba herblax dan alfalfa. Both mmg terbaik sbb sy pon ada masalah sembelit dan getting better after consume both product.

Wawa 011-19300290

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